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Medical tourism in India – How crowd-sourced platforms can help in informed-decision making?

The crowd sourced platforms of crowd-reviewing or crowd-voting that utilizes the participation of crowd (common people) to identify best among available option enabled rapid information exchange among users regardless of the location. Big organizations, celebrities, government officials and government bodies or policy-makers widely use the crowdsourced platform and collect mass reviews of their product, postingsor policies. At the same time end user utilizes the same platform before decision making. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and GitHub not only enable the ease of information exchange among its users regardless of the spatial and temporal constraints but also permitting the effective collection of big data to empower existing state of knowledge. Acknowledging the significance of crowedsourced platform, this study explores the Google+ and Facebook to map the distinct avenues of medical tourism in India. Medical tourism is consist of space interactions for healthcare, which include movement of patients with their companions across borders, people’s exposure to new spatial contexts of life and culture of care and the global flow of capital and policy across space. India has seen a 166% increase in medical tourism since 2014. The number of people entering India on medicalvisas.

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