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Myxoid Liposarcoma in a 2 Year old Boy: A Case Report

Introduction Liposarcoma is a rather uncommon soft-tissue tumor. The finding of a myxoid subtype has been shown to correlate with a poor prognosis. Although surgical treatment is relevant for resectable disease, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also recognized forms of treatment, especially for more advanced disease. Case presentation We report the case of a 2 year old boy who presented with a right gluteal mass and right lower abdominal swelling of 8 months duration, with inability to walk, and progressive difficulty with urination. An irregular abdominopelvic mass involving the right gluteal region was seen. Computed tomography showed the mass to have the density of muscle, compressing the urinary bladder, with bilateral dilatation of the pelvi-calyceal systems. Biopsy histo-pathology revealed malignant cells with lipogenic differentiation as well as Lipoblasts. He had chemotherapy and concurrent radiotherapy from weeks 9-12 of chemotherapy; following which a complete response was reported both clinically and radio logically. After a 49-week symptom-free period, he had a recurrence of right gluteal swelling and newer masses in the posterior neck and upper back. He had salvage chemotherapy; but his clinical condition deteriorated with altered sensorium and convulsions. He eventually succumbed to the disease 31 months after the initial diagnosis. Conclusion Myxoid liposarcoma is a rare tumor in the pediatric age group. Improvements in facilities for multi-modal treatment might help to improve outcomes in a limited-resource setting like ours.

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