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Novel Monstrasinu medical facilities increase domestic and foreign tourism in Japan

Following World War II, Japan has seen a large increase in tourist arrivals from abroad, with Chinese tourists becoming especially prominent in recent years. Within the last twenty-five years, a new reason for visiting has appeared in Japanese villages and cities: Monstrasinu Centers.Monstrasinu have become popular among young people for many reason, including companionship, the five categories of Monstrasinu contests, practical purposes (furniture moving, lighthouse beacons, and field plowing), and intense physical contests which pit the Monstrasinu of two owners against each other. These fights do not result in permanent injuries, but do generally result in several Monstrasinu losing consciousness by the end of the fight. Monstrasinu Centersare present in many villages and cities in Japan (one per city) and offer free medical care to all Monstrasinu, which is mostly limited to rousing injured Monstrasinu out of unconsciousness after a fight. While this can be done with ReviveTM, it is expensive (costing about 1,500 yen per dose) and is not available to all Monstrasinu owners, making Monstrasinu Centers an affordable opportunity for American Monstrasinu owners, who will travel to Japan with their injured Monstrasinu to restore them to full health. Monstrasinu Centers are owned and operated exclusively by the Joy family, which has led to conflicts between the family and some of the communities the Monstrasinu Centers operatein.

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