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Obturator Neuralgia: Complete Resolution after Laparoscopic Retropubic Sling Removal: A Report of 2 Cases

Background: Groin pain has been reported more frequently with transobturator mesh tape slings (TOT) compared to retropubic mesh tape slings (RP) secondary to the position of the mesh in the groin relative to the obturator nerve. However, if the mesh of a RP sling is placed on or near the region of the obturator neurovascular bundle in the retropubic space, the potential for similar groin pain does exist. Cases: We report two cases of severe leg and groin pain following the placement of a RP mesh tape sling. Two premenopausal women suffered groin pain after RP sling insertion. The RP slings were successfully removed by a combined laparoscopic and vaginal approach and both patients’ pain resolved. Conclusion: Laparoscopic RP sling removal from the retropubic space is safe and should be consider in patient who has obturator neuralgia after RP sling insertion.

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