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Outcome of Multiple Caesarean Sections

Outcome of Multiple Caesarean Sections

The reasons for increased incidence of caesarean section (CS) worldwide are a decline in trial of scar, increasing maternal age, reduction of operative vaginal delivery, medico-legal problems, caesarean section for breech presentation, patients demand for elective caesarean section and the relative safety of cesarean section in modern obstetrics. Even though the number of caesarean section a woman can undergo safely is still not established, in places where women procure more number of children due to socio religious reasons may have to undergo multiple repeat caesarean sections. This accounts for only a portion of caesarean section and are often overlooked when evaluating morbidity associated with abdominal delivery. The morbidities associated with multiple caesarean section are difficult to estimate and they are major placenta previa, placenta accrete, uterine ruptures, caesarean hysterectomy, severe adhesions, blood transfusions, surgical injury and wound complications. The data regarding maternal morbidity associated with multiple caesarean deliveries are important for counseling women with one cesarean delivery to undergo a trial of labor or a planned repeat caesarean section that will consequently lead to multiple caesarean deliveries. The objective of the study is to determine morbidity associated with multiple caesarean section compared to that associated with previous single caesarean section.

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