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Overview of environmental pollution and clean management of heavy metals and radionuclides by using micro crystalline cellulose

In recent times, environmental pollution has become a top priority for the entire world, so huge sums have been allocated to treat the effects of this pollution and to search for joint economic and environmental solutions. Among those solutions is the use of cellulosic agricultural waste as a possible absorbent for dangerous heavy metals and radionuclides from contaminated water. These solutions consider Microcrystalline Cellulose (McC) extracted from agricultural residues one of the most active of these, as well as being easily prepared. Contamination with Cobalt and Cesium and their radioactive isotopes one of the most precarious forms of ecosystem pollution, wherefore this review concentrate on different natural and economical sources of cellulose for (McC) production and heavy metals sorption by using (McC).

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