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Penile Enlargement Surgery: Is It Feasible?

Penile size is a major concern among men all over world. Men throughout history and still today, feel the need to enlarge their penis in order to improve their self-esteem and sexual performance. There are a variety of social, cultural, and psychological aspects regarding the size of men genitals, resulting such that, men often feel the need to enlarge their penis. “Bigger is better” is still a relevant belief in our days and based on the “phallic identity” – the tendency of males to seek their personality in their penis. This trend is supported by the numerous and still increasing number of penile enlargement procedures performed in the past years and today, generally in men with normal size penises. This condition is called “the locker room syndrome” – men concerned about their flaccid penile size even though in most cases their penile length and girth are normal. however, the surgical procedures available for changing penile appearance remains highly controversial mainly due to high complication rates and low satisfactory surgical outcomes.

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