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Physical Characterization of the Koular Valley in Central West Senegal with a View to its Hydro-Agricultural Development

The Koular watershed has an area of 90 Km2 and is located in a deltaic area. In recent years, the area has suffered progressive degradation of freshwater (surface and groundwater) and soil due to the invasion of salt water from the sea.

The study of the physical characteristics of the catchment area shows a slope in a North-North-East / South-South-West direction with altitudes varying from 48 m (maximum altitude) to 2 m (minimum altitude) from upstream to downstream. These low altitudes (proximity of the area at sea level 0) and the relatively flat relief of the area favor the evolution of the coastline.

A major depression found between Koular and Keur Saloum Diane constitutes a major obstacle to the flow of surface water, as it must be filled before the water reaches the basin outlet, thus reducing the leaching of salt-polluted soil.

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