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Primary Renal Angiosarcoma with Cutaneous Metastasis to the Skin

Angiosarcoma is a rare and rapacious tumor that most frequently arises from the skin and soft tissue. When these tumors do originate from solid organs, the most common sites of origin are the breast, liver, and bone. Angiosarcomas themselves represent approximately 2% of soft tissue sarcomas and of these, less than 1% are primary renal tumors. When angiosarcoma is discovered in the kidney, it almost always represents metastasis from a cutaneous or visceral organ primary tumor and metastasis is not uncommon as these tumors exhibit aggressive behavior. On the rare occasion that an angiosarcoma arises in the kidney, metastasis is likely with up to 45% of cases presenting with metastasis at time of diagnosis. The most common sites of metastasis from the kidney include liver, lungs, and bone with reports of spread to the peritoneum and spleen occurring as well. Myxoid liposarcoma is a rare tumor in the pediatric age group. Improvements in facilities for multi-modal treatment might help to improve outcomes in a limited-resource setting like ours.

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