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Process and Protocols in International Medical Tourism: The South America Experience.

How is the medical tourism industry in Latin America? A short review on medical tourism industry performance in South America. Quality on medical tourism? its not about the seal, its about process and protocols. Step by step on an international patient management. Digital marketing in medical tourism: 3 examples of good and bad practices in Latin America. Provide a glimpse of the current status of medical tourism industry in Latin America. Provide real examples of process and protocols management on medical tourism quality. Geomedical Health Group is a global health consulting firm based on Latin America (Colombia). In the last 8 years has provided consultancy and advisory services to clinics, hospitals, hotels, spa, national governments and Cluster -type initiatives on Medical Tourism, International patient management, quality on international patient management, patient experience, digital marketing, health innovation, telemedicine and e -health initiatives in the healthcare sector.

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