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Profenofos Loaded Nanoliposomes against Agricultural Insect Pest

Nano encapsulation technology enables developing formulations that exhibit slow and persistent release for sustainable agricultural pest management. The aim here was to synthesize, characterize and evaluate a nano encapsulated profenofos formulation for its slow release efficacy. Technical grade profenofos at three concentrations were nanoencapsulated using soya lecithin and the resultant data revealed nanoscale and spherical shape liposome formation Further, in vitro stability studies showed significantly slower active ingredient’s release (76.99 ± 8.20% vs.100% on 11th day) and photo degradation rate (66.77% ± 3.4% vs. 100% on 13th day) in liposome encapsulated profenofos. Bio efficacy tests indicated liposome encapsulated formulation rendered persistent toxicity for a longer period on Spodoptera litura compared to control. In specific, the Median Survival (MS) rate in liposome encapsulated 0.174% profenofos was 50% more with 3.051 fold less toxic (hazard ratio) compared to control. Similarly, comparable results were observed in liposome encapsulated 0.084% and 0.043% profenofos. Thus, nanoencapsulated formulation can be used as a slow release pesticide avoiding repetitive applications.

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