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Proniosomal Gel Based Delivery System of Aceclofenac for Ocular Delivery with Improved Safety and Efficacy

Aim: The study was envisioned to develop a proniosomal gel based carrier system of drug aceclofenac (ACE) for its effective ocular delivery at the inflammatory sites.
Summary of the problem: In the treatment of inflammatory conditions prevailing in eye, multiple treatment strategies have been employed like steroids and non steroidal antiinflammatory agents. But their use is delimited due to their downsides like low drug permeation and retention, local irritation, low drug availability, and stinging effect at the affected site in the eye.
Methodology and theoretical orientation: The chosen drug (ACE) was entrapped in a proniosomal system, which consists of sorbitan stearate (Span 60), membrane stabilizer (cholesterol), Coating agent (maltodextrin) and non-aqueous (proniosomal) gel as the secondary vehicle.
Observations: The particle size, polydispersity index (PDI) & zeta potential of the prepared system were obtained as 679.2 nm, 0.354 and -25.3 mV, respectively. FTIR studies proved the useful interaction of the drug with maximum absorption peak at 3275.90, 2921.01, 1770.51, 1717.81, 1417.95, 1149.39, 749.01 cm-1 in the bilayers of the proniosomal system. The prepared gel (non-aqueous) system showed shear-thinning nature. In in vivo and ex vivo release studies, superiority of the prepared system over conventional system have been witnessed. Moreover, the formulation was able to maintain the drug assay for the period of six months.
Summary and conclusion: The current findings provide the lead for the development of an effective ocular formulation of ACE with substantial stability in the proniosomal system.

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