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Prospect of Internet Reactor Laboratory in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) has been operating a 3 MW TRIGA MK-II research reactor since 1986. The reactor has been utilized for radioisotope production, neutron beam research, training and education. Cessation of radioisotope production in 2008 due to the unavailability of TRIGA fuel has left the reactor usable for research, training and education purposes only. Over the past three decades, the reactor has been extensively used to render training and education related to nuclear science and engineering to university students, researchers and trainee reactor operators. This paper intends to present the current status of the education and training program of BAEC TRIGA Research Reactor (BTRR) as well as the prospect of IRL is its a tool to impart training and education. The proposed Internet Reactor Laboratory (IRL) at BTRR is expected to facilitate training and education programs of research reactor using digital means. Internet Reactor Laboratory (IRL) can play an instrumental role in developing skilled manpower for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP), other proposed nuclear power plants, nuclear installations and create a new horizon in nuclear research for teachers, students and other scientific communities through distant learning method.

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