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Reliability and Validity of the Hebrew Form of the Revised Workaholism Battery (WorkBAT)

The present study assessed the reliability and factorial structure of the Hebrew form of the Revised Workaholism Battery (WorkBAT), and examined the construct validity of its Work Drive and Work Enjoyment scales. The sample consisted of 266 full-time Israeli workers. Exploratory factor analysis produced Work Drive and Work Enjoyment as two distinct factors. Reliability (as internal consistency) of the Hebrew form of the Revised WorkBAT as a whole, as well as of each of its two scales, was found to be adequate. The two scales seemed to have satisfactory construct validity, as follows: Work Drive and Work Enjoyment were positively related to absolute work centrality, thinking about work during non-worktime, emotional involvement in work, work effort, and organizational citizenship behavior. Work Drive was positively related to weekly work hours and work interference with leisure. Work Enjoyment was positively related to job satisfaction and viewing work as compensation for unsatisfactory leisure. On the other hand, it was negatively related to viewing leisure as compensation for negative experiences at work and fatigue. All in all, the present study's findings support the use of the Hebrew form of the Revised WorkBAT.

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