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RING: A Cross-Layer Design for Voice Communicating on P2P-MANET

RING: A Cross-Layer Design for Voice Communicating on P2P-MANET

This paper presents RING, a novel peer-to-peer (P2P) voice communicating system on mobile ad hoc network (MANET). RING proposes a ring overlay, a set of protocols, and an implementation enabling the delivery voice among peers without connecting to Internet. The logical overlay is proximal to the physical topology based on cross-layer scheme, which detects the network dynamics and peer movement to support a communication with high delivery ratio. The ring overlay is used to utilize simply, stabilize real-time delivery, and minimize signaling overhead. The characteristics of self-organization and decentralization share the network load and help the network scalability for MANET. Although the traditional P2P system falls into impropriety and inefficiency of real-time distribution on MANET, RING can achieve the acceptable quality in short-term and small-scale purpose. We discuss the comparison of overlay performance and demonstrate that RING is workable via the mathematical theory and a series of experiences. RING can deal with peer arrival and departure quickly and simply to shorten the service interruption time with minimal signaling overhead.

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