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Robust Location Estimation Using Modified Centroid and Meta Heuristic Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

Advances in embedded and radio technologies have empowered the propagation of sensors. The aspect of the positions of the nodes in the area of deployment is considered to be significant information for calculating the performance of the routing time and to transmit the appropriate data based pertaining to the place where the node is deployed. Because the data and information will be useful only if the nodes know their geographical coordinates, identification of the node location/position is very important and is termed as localization. The cost, power, and processing limits of these networks prevent traditional means of supplying this information. The algorithms based on the Meta heuristic techniques and the received signal strength is pooled together for location identification of nodes. The error in the nodes position are reduced using theproposed algorithms and is evident in the simulation results. Results also claim high accuracy when compared with the similar algorithms.

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