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Segmental Testicular Infarction: A Clinical Dilemma

Segmental Testicular Infarction: A Clinical Dilemma

Segmental testicular infarction is an uncommon entity often diagnosed during scrotal imaging for acute scrotum. It is due to a partial ischemic process resulting in hyalinization and fibrosis of the infarcted area. Various factors have been implicated for this entity such as infection, trauma, hematological disorders and microangiopathy. It frequently presents as acute scrotum and sonographically simulates a small intra-testicular neoplasm. Hence it is of paramount importance to distinguish segmental testicular infarction from intra-testicular neoplasm. Although high resolution scrotal ultrasonography can identify such lesions, scrotal MR imaging can accurately differentiate segmental testicular infarction from testicular tumor, thus preventing unnecessary orchiectomy in most of the cases.

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