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Structural Changes of Makrofol Polymer due to Argon Ion Beam Irradiation

Structural Changes of Makrofol Polymer due to Argon Ion Beam Irradiation

Argon ion beam extracted from cold conical cathode ion source has been used to induce changes in the structural properties of makrofol polycarbonate specimens. The feasibility of enhancing the physical properties of Makrofol polycarbonate detector using argon ion beam irradiation has been investigated, along with, the effects of irradiation on the structural properties. Samples from Makrofol Polycarbonate sheet of 300 μm thickness were exposed to an argon ions beam in the fluence range 0.5×1017 – 0.5×1019 ions/cm2. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy was used to study the modifications in the chemical and physical structure of Makrofol polycarbonate specimens. It has been found that the intensities of the characteristic absorption bands were affected predominantly with the increasing ion dose and indicating degradation followed by cross linking of this polymer by argon ions.

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