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Structural Characterisation and Bactericidal activity of Biogenic AgNPs using Cladosporium cladosporioides

The plant pathogenic fungus, Cladosporium cladosporioides was used for the preparation of metallic silver nanoparticles. The HRTEM analysis confirms the formation of silver nanoparticles with having an average size of 27 ± 5 nm. FTIR spectroscopic analysis was carried out to identify the functional groups involved in the reducing/capping of silver ions into silver nanoparticles. The AFM analysis confirmed that AgNPs were uniform in size with average roughness 17.7638 nm and stability in size through line profiling. The AgNPs were investigated for their antibiotic efficacy against clinical pathogens and found remarkable positive results. The MIC was found to be 20 μM to 25 μM/ml for AgNPs. The present study concluded that the silver nanoparticles could be used as better drugs and may potentially eliminate the higher doses of antibiotics due to their vital role inhibiting bacterial growth as compared to the common antibiotics.

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