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Study of Accelerator Driven System (ADS) based Green Nuclear Energy: A Review

Study of Accelerator Driven System (ADS) based Green Nuclear Energy: A Review

This paper reflects the scopes of accelerator driven system (ADS) based nuclear energy, as a reliable source of electric energy generation, compare to the other existing nonrenewable and renewable sources. There are different limitations in the use of every source of electric energy but in consideration of minimum environmental impact, exclusively inherently low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, and on the other, high life time with maximum power production efficiency, nuclear would be the best choice. From this study it is found that several difficulties involved in the ADS based energy production, specifically arises from target parameters, coding system, waste management, etc. Now if it is possible to ensure more energy efficient production of enriched uranium, improved nuclear fuels and reactors that allow greater utilization, extended life times for nuclear power plants (NPPs) that reduce the need to build new facilities, improved coding system capable of minimizing the discrepancy between theoretical and experimental calculation of spallation products, improved data library with sufficiently available high energy nuclear data to perform a better coding analysis, and finally, perspective environmental safety if the disposal of the radioactive wastes could manage more effectively, nuclear energy would then play a significant role in minimizing future energy crisis worldwide as well as to save our loving green earth.

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