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Study of Ion Beam Processing Using Different Materials

Study of Ion Beam Processing Using Different Materials

Simulation of ion beam processing in different target materials using different noble gases was studied. The Simulation was conducted using singly charged neon, argon and krypton ions at different energies greater than 3keV and up to 10keV. The open source computer code SRIM 3D was used in the simulation to determine the ion beam penetrability into the target material, as well as the range dependence on the beam’s energy. The effect of target material atomic number on the ion penetration range was studied. The distribution of the range and the trajectory of the ions in the target material were determined. The sputtering yield of the studied target materials due to ion bombardement was determined showing that the highest sputtering yield is when krypton is used as the working gas for the production of the ions, however, the least range is that of the krypton ion beam.

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