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The Emergence of Culinary Tourism in Awadh - Role of Chefs

This paper starts with the definition of culinary tourism especially in the context of Awadh. Culinary tourism has been considered as any tourism experience driven by food and beverages interests that also involve learning about culture, appreciation of culinary products and their value. In Awadh, tourism industry has become one of the major contributors to the economic growth. In particular, culinary tourism has affected the entire culinary industry and is a challenge for chefs to produce culinary products and brands representing the culture. It is, indeed, the profession as a chef is one of the most challenging professions in the tourism and hospitality industry, which requires the chefs to master both scientific and artistic innovation. As culinary tourism has generated tourists’ interests in recent years, there is a need for the chefs to be skilful and competent not only in cooking but also in other aspects of food preparation. As culinary professionals, chefs need to keep updated with the industrial needs in order to meet challenges of rapidly evolving culinary tourism industry. Thus, this paper discusses the role of the chefs in the current emergence of culinary tourism in Awadh.

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