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The Future Is in Youth Entrepreneurship

Kids today can do anything! Look at Greta Thunberg being the youth voice of climate change, Malala the youngest to win the Nobel Peace prize for her efforts, Caroline and Isabel Bercaw who created a $20M business bath products, Kelvin Doe of Sierra Leone who at 13 built a radio station out of recycled parts for his village, Easton LaChappelle who created a 3D printed prosthetic arm and shares his design with the world, Alina Morse who created a healthy lolly pop that is good for your teeth and has sold millions of dollars’ worth, or Gitanjali Rao who at 11 years invented a device to detect lead in water for $20. There are many, many more examples of youth across the world who have and are doing amazing things. With technology and advances across all areas of our society, many kids today don’t know what career or field that they will go into because it hasn’t been created or invented yet. The speed of change has been and continues to accelerate affecting all aspects of our lives. As they say the only thing permanent is change and this has never been truer than today. Entrepreneurship is all about dealing with ideas, challenges and change. Youth around the world need be shown, taught and encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship. Whether they become entrepreneurs or not these traits are essential for their success and our future. Youth, Teenagers, Entrepreneurship, Future, Startups, Inspiration

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