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The role of entrepreneurship in economic development

Beekeeping in Tanzania plays a great role in socio-economic development and environmental conservation. But 95 percent of local beekeepers in Tanzania lack the required knowledge, finance, and skills for modern beekeeping in methods, this has lead to poor and low-quality production but apart from that, there is still lack of awareness among citizens about the role of beekeeping in economic development. Afro Bee Farms’mission is to address these challenges so as transform rural Communities through apiculture and make Tanzania the leading honey and other bee products producer in Africa as Tanzania’s environment makes it favorable for apiculture. All stakeholders should provide maximum support to Afro-Bee Farms to help transform the lives of local farmers. Beekeeping training workshops on modern bee farms, financial education, and Construction of a honey processing facility where all the honey from local farmers will be collected and processed for retails, and for export, this will be a great solution as championed by the Afro-Bee Farms management team.

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