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The Truth Is You Are Not the Only Person Concerned About Using Virtual Technologies to Support Personal Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this session, the presenter will share research, personal stories or mini-case studies describing virtual health care strategies used by individuals that could be used by others to engage in virtual medical tourism domestically, outbound and inbound while protecting privacy in online environments during remote access.1 The medical and personal care industries, including medical tourism are hard hit by the current Covd-19 pandemic. During this century, the importance of our human care systems have never been more urgent. A growing problem is access and equity to healthcare due to health care related issues such as time, distance, social and economic status for disenfranchised people2. All aforementioned issues indicate a more devastating outlook for individuals who lack diverse language skills, technology awareness, knowledge, resources or skills to make the best technology choices for redesigning their health care during this pandemic time, which could become the new normal. A descriptive analysis of qualitative and quantitative data will be presented in graphs and charts.

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