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Therapeutic Significance of Pyrrole in Drug Delivery

Heterocycles encompass an important section in the discovery field of medicinal chemistry. Several commercial products have one or more heterocycles in their structure, underlining the importance of these moieties for therapeutic applications. Pyrrole is one such heterocycle which has been part of natural compounds existing in nature as well as commercial drugs in the market. It has changed the paradigm of drug delivery in bringing key therapeutic molecules to the market in variety of therapeutic areas. Further, pyrrole group is also part of other industries such as agriculture, paint, chemicals, dyes, and plastic. This highlights the multitude of advantages pyrrole moiety has in varied industrial areas. In drug discovery, pyrrole holds a special place due to its contribution in the history of therapeutics. Researchers have been working towards synthesizing and optimizing novel pyrrole-based molecules through Structural Activity Relationships (SARs) to lead to pharmaceutically viable New Chemical Entity (NCE) for various indications. This review is focused on applications of pyrrole in various therapeutic areas and discussing the current research that is been undertaking towards development of novel therapeutic moieties containing pyrrole group.

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