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To Assess Variation in Buccal Bone Thickness and Height of the Alveolar Bone as a Result of Transverse Dimensional Changes in Maxillary Arch in Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment with Passive Self-ligating Bracket System using Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Images

Self-ligating bracket manufacturers claim that expansion of arches and alveolar bone building is facilitated by their bracket design. And DAMON practitioners believe that significant amount of transverse arch development occurs. In selected patients, use of DAMON SLB converts the borderline cases to non-extraction treatment. There are limited studies carried out to prove the claims. And there are no much studies in literature to assess the health of the buccal alveolar bone as a result of transverse arch development of using SLB. The objective of this study was to determine the amount of transverse changes and its effect on buccal bone changes of using a DAMON passive SLB in maxillary during orthodontic treatment.

Methods: Study models and Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images were obtained before and after 10 months into treatment when patients were on 18*25. 14 patients satisfying inclusion criteria were selected for the study. The CBCT images were taken at Table 1and Table 2, for measuring transverse dimensions, buccal bone height and thickness at the maxillary first molars, maxillary second and first premolars using galileos software. Differences for each variable measured at to and Table 3 were compared.

Results: BBT at 3mm was increased (p<0.04) except at 14(p=0.81), BBT at 6mm increased in premolars (p<0.001) but was slightly decreased in 1stmolars (p=0.89). BBH increased significantly for the premolars (p<0.00) and molars (p<0.001) except for 15 where it was decreased(p=0.007). Transverse arch dimensions were significantly increased (p<0.00).

Conclusions: Non-extraction alignment with DAMON passive selfligating brackets led to significant amount of arch development in premolar region. BBT was increased except in 14 at 3 mm, and in molar at 6mm from CEJ. BBH increased except in 15, in contrary to the findings of the previous studies. However, as a result of shorter treatment duration of the study, a long term follow-up is required to further consolidate the findings of our study.

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