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To Predict the Relationship between Emotion Regulation on Goal Pursuits

Emotion Regulation is the process through which a person inflects their emotions consciously and unconsciously(Bargh, Williams, 2007; Rottenberg, Gross, 2003) to aptly respond to substantial/environmental demands(Gratz & Roemer, 2004).Emotion regulation is the development of emotion which is determined by which emotion we have, when we have them and how we express or experience it. With determining these emotions how a person achieves his/her goal is what we investigate in this study. Psychological flexibility has the capability to change behavior in such a way that it integrates the consciousness with open approach to one's thoughts and feelings which is a constant while pursuing a goal. Hayes (1999) suggested that the psychological flexibility benefits mental health by diminishing the impact of negative internal events and helping the person to clearly define and achieve the goals important to them. Emotional stability is the process of a person’s personality trying to continually striving for greater level of emotional health, in both spheres; intra-physically and intra-personally.

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