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Traditional Health practices and medical Tourism

I would like emphasis on the calorie controlled diet practiced in various cultures and traditions and its possible health effects and scientific supports. So the traditional scientifically proven methods for preventive health care and through enhance the medical tourism Will be talking about cancer; lifestyle disorders including atherosclerosis, stress induced ailments and why certain cultures has less and more of these health issues, how healing centers enhance medical tourism by using this lifestyle as a tool Example and Brief on my Speech and presentation ad bellow All of us are used to receiving marketing messages requently through email, social media and Advertisements, etc. Similar lines I have received a message recently from an insurance company claims that studies show that there will be an increase of cancer cases by 25% in coming years. I am not claiming it is not true; it may be the data based on statistics and they are using this study to sell their insurance product Do any media or health authorities gave advertisement why this increase of cancer cases? We can see an ugly picture of cancer on the cover of cigarette packets! Public smoking and smokers has reduced dramatically, smoking is not fashionable anymore. Thanks for this great initiative and public awareness on smoking, but still cancer cases are increasing!

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