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Transopturator Tape for the Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Females

Stress urinary Incontinence is defined as the involuntary leak of urine during efforts or exertion. It is reported to be affecting (4-35%) of women with successive increase in prevalence over age In our society the prevalence is probably higher considering the trend for multiparty from one side and the social conflict of declaring the problem on the other side, all on the background of the diminished availability of the specialized centers to deal with it. Our study sample included patients with the stress urinary incontinence (SUI); and mixed unary incontinence (MUI) that have been admitted for TOT operation in our hospitals in the above period whose case files turned to be having accessible and full data pre and up to one year post operatively, and those were randomly selected till the ceiling of SO was reached, of those 38 cases had pure stress, while 12 had mixed stress with the first being predominant by urodynamic study. Patient records were retrospectively investigated for the success rate (determined by subjective admittance of no more complaint of urine leaking upon exertion) both immediate and at one year follow up visit; for the postoperative complaints (immediate and at one year); as well as for variables that might affect the success, including: Patient demographic variables (age, parity, menopausal status, BMI) at time of surgery. Patient related clinical variables (concomitant systemic disease as Asthma, OM or being a smoker; or concomitant surgery at time of TOT) Data were statistically analyzed using the SPSS, statistical significance was assessed using the quoi square and P value, where a value of < 0 05 was considered to be statistically significant. Persistent incontinence postoperatively was assigned as a TOT failure Assessment of the study sample demography revealed: a median age of 49 (33-65); median BMI of 28.3; 65% of them being postmenopausal, 93% being multiparious.

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