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Using Anova Test to Define Factor That More Influence Drilling Productivity of Central Region in Cameroon

The aim of this study is to examine the possible influence of five factors on productivity of 67 holes drilled on crystalline rocks in Central Region of Cameroon. Boreholes were grouped according to bed rock type, proximity to lineaments, total drilling depth, weathering depth and topographic setting. Results indicate that total drilling depth, proximity to lineament and topographic settings are the parameters that most influences productivity by decreasing orders of importance. They represent 11.65, 10 and 8.06% observed variation on the transmissivity respectively. Comparing these results with those obtained by other authors indicate that no quoted author has first obtained total drilling depth as first parameter influence the productivity as is the case in this study. This difference may be due to the fact that drillers stop digging once they get water into the drill. Also in this study, the number of wells tested is not uniformly distributed in the study area and which may influence the results.

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