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Virtual world in COVID-19 era: An impact on little one’s eyes

COVID-19 disease hasn’t remained a mere infectious disease but is also affecting socioeconomic, behavioral and mental health of children. To break the chain of transmission, one of the sternest lockdowns was imposed in India. All flights, educational premises and official territories were sealed to prevent mass movement. Although pediatric population was least affected [1], educational institutions were closed to contain the cryptic transmission, which could have been stauncher, compared to adults owing to poor hygiene and ignorant behavior.  Henceforth, the administration decided to conduct online classes via videoconference applications, installed either in computers or mobile phones. Being helpful in maintaining the educational graph, they have their own detriments. Studies have revealed that radiofrequency radiations emitted from gadgets have thermal and non-thermal effects on especially on eye, encumbering visual acuity. [2]

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