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Wave Energy: Efficient Conversion of the Big Waves

The energy of ocean waves across a large part of the earth is inexhaustible. The whole world will benefit if this endless energy can be used in an easy way. The coastal countries will easily be able to meet their own energy needs. The purpose of this article is to use the infinite energy of the ocean wave in a simple way. i.e. a method of efficient use of wave energy. The paper starts by discussing various forces acting on a floating object. Afterward about the method and then a calculation for a 73.39 MW hydropower from the tidal wave. Used some sketches/pictures. Finally, the conclusion states the possibilities and advantages.

Background: Although the use of ocean waves began in 1799, the inexhaustible source of energy, the "ocean wave" has not yet been put to good use. Most importantly the technological advancement in this matter is really embarrassing. Existing projects are small, critical technology-based and so are not economic. Tidal energy basically is a physical water movement, so compare to solar and wind, harnessing energy from tide should not be so difficult.

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