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We do it differently. ( Focus on communication as a critical success factor for healthcare facilities)

The purpose of healthcare is to protect, consolidate and return health to people and provide health services. The world is changing rapidly, and therefore I confess it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand.In my presentation, I wanted to point out how communicate effectively and also to develope the competence of the medical staff in the effective functioning of interpersonal relationships .I wanted to help the medical staff to be successful in this environment and in this way to improve the quality of health care. The research: Developing health professionals’ expertise on Manager Skills and Leadership. Clarify the structure of communication as a tool to support the efficiency and quality needed in this profession. We all know that the profession of a medical staff is very demanding, not only physical, but also mental exhaustion and enormous responsibility. The current situation in the healthcare sector is slowly and surely heading to a situation where the personnel crisis will begin to collect tax on the lives of patients who will soon be unable to guarantee quality and safe care. Keeping pace with market developments, hospital management should be a topic for further development in patient satisfaction, as well as working satisfaction of medical staff, thereby ensuring the company’s long-term survival. The topic and questions in my presentation and research were focused on: Is it worthwhile to apply effective modern trends in health management and to improve the communication skills of health professionals, thereby increasing the number of satisfied patients while having an effective health facility?The fundamental question in my presentation and research was working with staff, consistent explanation and their involvement in the whole process of change, the necessary but not sufficient condition for success was the gradual change of culture in our facility. How did I solve this problem?

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