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From the last quarter of 2019, suddenly in China came to an outbreak of illness sweeping around the city Wuhan and the whole world was met with panicking not until the beginning of the new year 2020, in Europe, America, and part of Asia countries. Today we have recorded about five million corona virus-infested cases and about five hundred and twenty thousand deaths across the world. My views of the future of business, the young persons in the present situation of the pandemics. After careful studying of trends doing business in the world can easily be illustrated as follows: The level of this illness, which is respiratory in nature, after widespread of killings, infections, and sickness, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) earlier in the first quarter in 2020, declared it a pandemic. For about three months many businesses have gone under or below, closed down or not active and these will lead to unemployment. Many countries like America keep recording the growing percentage of unemployment of its youth and active age. These can easily be interpreted as many people are going into business ownership that is, individual are willing to run their business to survive, example my country Nigeria, the Federal Government have released 50 billion nairas for COVID-19 small Business Scale Intervention loan and many countries are equally do so, to help their people survive. How do any Entrepreneurs remain in the business and be able to break even in the following views will be of great help: ü This is not a normal and usual business environs were some principles are followed. So, it is advisable that every young business enterprising person should be guided by the following realities of things around them. a) One should seek to support any business relating to the world pandemics situation. Support, supply, and provision of only items, services, and products that will help reduce the spread of the wild, dead devil virus in the world. The consumer need is not an everyday need for everyday wants but what is needed to survive the Lockdown. Management services that will easy the contact of people to people transaction. Like improving the internet telecommunication apparatus or methods to engage more people in their homes and meeting their needs while at home. Developing more application that will engage more people and reaching their needs and addressing what is expected of their desire, In pandemics period is not about making more profit but for the seeking of the survival of humanity and the interest of common goods of all and sundry Business, an entrepreneur should endeavor to include the awareness of the pandemics as part their business and not pay a deaf ear to the warning of the authorities. Business owners will equally ensure in trading for the reduction of the spread and seeking the cure of the sickness. It is important to remind young people doing business not to be concern with breaking even but breaking coronavirus, how by doing business with the interest of human life and human dignity. The International Relationship during these pandemics I have carefully observed that if the following are put into consideration will help my young admirable, energetic, resourceful individual. I humbly suggest that these individuals should regularly keep touch with the World Health Organization (W.H.O) latest happening, policy, and legislation concerning the pandemic Each person traveling abroad is advised to be conversant with the Nations Quarantine Acts and it aborting city Louis guiding visitor. It is important to let every individual know that while traveling abroad Fourteen days (14) self-isolation period should always be put into his or her schedule of activities of business stay in the visiting country. With the present regulations in various countries rules and policies regarding COVID-19, one is advised to put into calculation the periods of isolations, cost of, living and doing business, and prize mechanism for ease of doing business and having a good relationship with the host countries My fellow young Entrepreneur please always keeps update on the COVID-19 happenings around in doing business And again on a serious note it is not the best period for a new venture

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