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What are the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Cross-Border Healthcare?

Access to cross-border healthcare has become an inevitable, positive by-product of economic, cultural and technological globalisation, resulting in quality, affordable and accessible healthcare being more available. Despite affordable healthcare being at our fingertips it’s not always at home. Many countries are still struggling with antiquated health systems and the infrastructure to cope with their increasing population. This means new generations and new technologies are challenging these systems at home. Patients are taking responsibility for, and investing in, their own health and wellbeing. They are looking for more choice, quicker consultations, luxury options and individualised care. Patients leaving their home country to seek medical treatment overseas is not a new phenomenon. It’s been happening since Ancient Greek times. However, the rapid increase in medical travel over the past decade has reached a scale we could not have foreseen or been prepared for. With quality, cost-effective cross-border healthcare becoming more widely accessible, our perception of global healthcare systems is changing. The increasing ease of international mobility and patient access to peer-led opinions, means wider opportunities for medical travel providers.

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