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Work-Life Balance - Tips for Start-up Founders

Launching a start-up is demanding and takes huge amounts of time, energy, and attention. Whether you’re a business owner, independent contractor, at-home parent or an employee, we know you chose your form of self-employment because you wanted 2 things: balance and control.  But here is the hard truth, Work-Life Balance is nothing but a myth. Instead of searching for some mythical work-life balance, strive for the right work/life mix that prioritizes both personal and professional goals. The objective of this session is to help delegates gain absolute clarity on how to get exactly what they want and achieve faster results without losing their precious time to those daily distractions. This keynote will show delegates the best approach to Work-Life Balance in a simple 3-C Formula that we learned from Epictetus, which are: Control what you can. Cope with what you can’t. Concentrate on what counts.

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