Maru Mormina

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Maru Mormina, PhD
University of Cambridge, UK

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My academic background is in the life sciences, with a degree in Genetics followed by a PhD from the University of Leeds (2007), where I researched patterns of prehistoric human dispersal in Southeast Asia using genetic markers. This led first to an RCUK fellowship at the University of Cambridge (2007 - 2011) and then a lectureship at the University of East Anglia (2011 - 2013), where I used my expertise in DNA analysis to develop research on the settlement of South America using ancient DNA technologies and on the genetic basis of adaptation to high altitude in Andean natives. At the University of East Anglia I also developed expertise in forensic genetics. My work in the field of population genomics exposed me to some of the ethical issues that underpin the gathering and use of biological data in an increasingly globalized research environment and have ignited an interest in the social and moral implications of scientific research. My move to the University of Winchester allowed me to re-align my career and fulfill a long standing interest in Ethics. I am interested in the intersection of biomedical technologies, ethics and society. I am particularly interested in issues of informed consent, protection of vulnerable groups and the governance of genomic data.