Yoh Iwasa

Editorial Board Member

Yoh Iwasa, Ph.D
Department of Biology
Kyushu University, Japan

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Dr. Yoh Iwasa born in Osaka, Japan. He completed his B.Sc from Kyoto University in 1975. He did his Ph.D from Kyoto University in 1980.He was Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University from 1981-83 and Cornell University from 1983-85. Dr. Yoh worked as Assistant Professor at Kyushu University from 1985-92. Then he worked as a Professor at Kyushu University from 1992-present. Dr. Yoh is also appointed as Director of Institute for Advanced Study Kyushu University from 2010-present. He is Council member of Science Council of Japan from 2014-present, FHM, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2006-present. Co-Chief Editor, Journal of Theoretical Biology.

Research Interest

Dr. Yoh Iwasa research interests are: Somatic evolution of cancer, Genomic imprinting, Mate preference evolution, Forest dynamics both in temperate and tropics, Population extinction risk of animals and plants, Speciation by geographic isolation

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