Journal of Physiobiochemical Metabolism

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Department / University Information


1. What makes an article top quality? 

Response: Breakthrough/high quality research, excellent grammar/style, citations.

2. Do you think that journals determine research trends?

Response: To some extent.

3. What makes a good position paper?

Response: Timely article, concise.

4. What are the qualities you look for in an article?

Response: Relevance, excellent research data, statistics, fundamental and/or translational.

5. Can you give us a broad indication of the types of themes a scientific journal should cover?

Response: Green chem, biotech, biochem, new analytical methods.

6. What sorts of research methods and frameworks do you expect people to use, and how will they balance conceptual and applied research?

Response: What ever is appropriate.

7. How would you describe the journal’s mission and editorial objectives to our readers?

Response: Invite and develop a pipeline of cutting edge, relevant publications by leading researchers in the field.

8. If you could be granted dream articles, what would they be on?

Response: Intersection between biotechnology, biorefining, chemistry, biochem and computational science.

10. How does the research published percolate through to practitioners?

Response: Conferences, follow-up applied studies.

11. How can a publisher ensure the authors/readers a rigorous peer review and quality control?

Response: Use of acknowledged researcher leaders, double blind review process, expected detailed experimental procedures, extensive use of statistics to support conclusions.

12. Your editorial policy is to be eclectic and welcome perspectives from other disciplines and schools. How does this translate into the types of contributions you encourage?

Response: Translational research.

13. What do you see as the merits of journals, as opposed to book series, as a means of scholarly communications?

Response: Books are slowly becoming irrelevant due to lag in publication.

14. How do you differentiate Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports Research with other journals in the field?

Response: This is still evolving but the general field of research interest places it in a narrow field.