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The Georgia Institute of Technology was established in 1885 and is situated at the campus of Georgetown University. This is one of the oldest universities in U.S.A and most prestigious universities in the world with a collection of near about 21,000 students and an academic staff of 5000 members. The institute offers the best knowledge and expertise in the major areas of the science engineering,. Many internationally reputed scholars and experts found a place in this institution working with dedication and academic commitment. The institute is known for its unique studies taken up from the societal perspective. The institute remains truly international by attracting 70% of students and 40% of staff outside U.S.A. Ability of the Georgia Institute of Technology can be estimated from the type of students it produces year after the other whose expertise are much sought after by the governments, industries, corporate and Media. The strength of the institute lies in its ability to produce the true, genuine and unique research works where its students and staff pursue research and academics with passion and at most dedication. The university ranks good in the world and is known for its Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Faculty Student ration and relations, International Faculty, International Students and Citations per Faculty.

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