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Research Article, J Athl Enhancement Vol: 3 Issue: 6

NCAA Division I Student- Athletes' and Athletic Administrators' Perceptions of Social Support

Ami Stuart*, Elsa Gonzalez, Patricia Goodson
University of Utah, USA
Corresponding author : Ami Stuart, PhD
University of Utah, USA
Tel: (541)908-1522; Fax: (801)587-5411
E-mail: [email protected]
Received: June 30, 2014 Accepted: October 16, 2014 Published: October 20, 2014
Citation: Stuart AR, Gonzalez E, Goodson P (2014) NCAA Division I Student-Athletes’ and Athletic Administrators’ Perceptions of Social Support. J Athl Enhancement 3:6 doi:10.4172/2324-9080.1000178


NCAA Division I Student- Athletes’ and Athletic Administrators’ Perceptions of Social Support

This study explored perceptions of available and accessible social support in an athletic department. Interviews were conducted with three student-athlete welfare athletic administrators and 13 student-athletes from one NCAA Division I University chosen from a purposive sample based on demographic characteristics and nominations. Interview questions were based on social support constructs and psychosocial model of development vectors. Data from interviews were analyzed using five categories of social support to examine differences and similarities between types of support identified as available and accessible by student-athletes and athletic administrators. From the 13 student-athletes and three athletic administrators that were interviewed, 38 themes were identified in the categories of emotional support, instrumental support, informational support, appraisal support, and lack of support. From student-athlete data, 29 themes were identified in the five categories; from athletic administrators, 19 themes were identified in the five categories. Similarities between studentathletes and athletic administrators were found in 14 themes.

Keywords: Collegiate athletics; Social support; Student-athlete; Athletic administrator; Perceptions

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