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Case Report, Clin Oncol Case Rep Vol: 4 Issue: 9

Bartholin Gland Carcinoma: Case Report


Bartholin gland carcinomas (BGCs) are the type of tumours that rarely occurred among people. These tumours account for less than 1 percent of malignancies among females. The study presented the report of the patient with the age of 20 years old that had the issue of pain in the groin region as well as the swelling in the particular region that was continuous for about two weeks. The patient was in the gestational age of 16 weeks. The hard mass was observed in the left lower labia. In the last few days, this swollen was extended to the whole left vulva with 2 lymph node involvement of the left side. The incision was done that leads towards the draining of the purulent fluid. The incision procedure was performed whose mass was 5 cm in size. The appearance was abnormal and the mass observed in the vulva region was excised via surgical operations. The histopathological report showed about the adenocarcinoma of the vulva and termination of pregnancy with referral to oncologist that diagnose her with the stage 3 adenocarcinoma and started chemoradiation. The findings from the case report indicated that the surgical procedures are considered important for BGC’s treatment, however, multimodal therapy can be utilized to explore the effectiveness of the treatment.

Keywords: Bartholin gland; Carcinomas; Tumor

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