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Special Issue Article, Cdrj Vol: 5 Issue: 4

Differential optical-polarimetry to detect skin distortion and skin cancer


BlueSky by Patternox ltd. is a novel approach to detecting potential or actual melanoma that has proven highly effective in clinical trials. The technology identifies undetectable lesion distortions, not fully identified today by dermoscopy and provides an indication to the degree of lesion distortion and the possibility of it being cancerous.  Using BlueSky Dr. Aharon achieved very high Sensitivity and Specificity. One can only imagine how beneficial BlueSky can be in the hands of a trained dermatologist.

 In clinical tests, using Dr. Aharon’s method, it was identified that all lesions proven malignant by histology, including lesions that were clinically & dermoscopically diagnosed as benign by the medical staff.  BlueSky’s technology enables the detection of tissue structure distortions of skin lesions even with non-pigmented lesions. Such distortions can indicate early stages of skin cancers like Melanoma, BCC and SCC, and early/effective detection results in reduced mortality rate, prevention of unnecessary surgeries and avoiding unnecessary scarring and costs.

Keywords: Optical-polarimetry, Detect skin distortion, skin cancer

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