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Commentary, J Athl Enhanc Vol: 10 Issue: 10

Effects of Instagram Sports Posts on the Athletic Motivation of Female Elite Athletes

Judd Kalkhoven*

University of Technology, Department of Human Performance Research, Sydney, Australia

*Corresponding author: Judd Kalkhoven, University of Technology, Department of Human Performance Research, Sydney, Australia, Tel: +613589658446; E-mail:

Received date: 08 October, 2021; Accepted date: 22 October, 2021; Published date: 29 October, 2021

Keywords: Athletic Physiology, Athletic Training, Eating Habits of Athletes


The rising of mobile phone druggies and social media has changed the way we look at variety effects in moment’s society, including our engagement in sports. There are numerous different social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube etc. people can use these social media tools really accessibly in their diurnal lives. Social media has come an important tool for distributing contents and attracting new compendiums, as well as creating further participation. The social media tools have impacted the sports from numerous different ways, similar as dispatches and sports marketing. Sports marketing are a branch of marketing which focuses both on the creation of sports events and brigades as well as the creation of other products and services through sporting events and sports brigades. It's a service in which the element promoted can be a physical product or a brand name. The thing is to give the customer with strategies to promote sports or to promote some other product, service, business or beget through sports. Sports marketing are also designed to meet the requirements and wants of the consumers through exchange processes. These strategies follow the traditional of general marketing Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Another system added to sports marketing, relating to the fact sports are considered to be a service. The fresh 4 P’s are Planning, Packaging, Positioning and Perception. The addition of the four redundant rudiments is called the “sports marketing blend."

Sports marketing is an element of sports creation which involves a wide variety of sectors of the sports assiduity, including broadcasting, advertising, social media, digital platforms, ticket deals, and community relations. Sports marketing are divided into three sectors. The first is the advertising of sport and sports associations similar as the olympics, spanish football league, NFL and the IPL, as well as sport brigades like real madrid and the new york yankees. The alternate concerns the use of sporting events, sporting brigades and individual athletes to promote colorful products. The third order is the creation of sports to the public in order to increase participation. In the first case, the creation is directly related to sports. In the alternate case, the products can but don't have to be directly related to sports. When the creation is about sports in general, the use of this kind of strategy is called “Marketing of Sports.” When the creation isn't about the sports but sports events, athletes, brigades or leagues are used to promote different products, the marketing strategy is nominated marketing through sports. When the creation is about adding participation among the public, it's called “Grassroots Sports Marketing." To promote the products or services, the companies and associations use different channels similar as auspices of brigades or athletes, TV or radio announcement during the different broadcast sports events and fests, and/ or announcement on sporting venues. “Street marketing of sports” considers sports marketing through billboards on the road and also through civic rudiments to help promote and gain hype during major worldwide sporting events similar as the football world cup, the olympic games, the cricket world cup or the super bowl. Despite of the numerous benefits, there are still some negatives of social media in sports. For illustration, bad contents can be spread more snappily than ever ahead; players may have no idea of using the social media meekly; negative commentary from suckers could affect the performance of the athletes or the platoon etc.

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