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Short Communication, Clin Dermatol Res J Vol: 5 Issue: 2

Short Note on Skin Graft: Maculation

Akhila Sabbineni*

Department of Microbiology, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, India.

*Corresponding Author: Akhila Sabbineni
Department of Microbiology, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, India
Tel: 9676564777

Received: July 20, 2020 Accepted: July 23, 2020 Published: July 29, 2020

Citation: Sabbineni A (2020) Short Note on Skin Graft: Maculation. Clin Dermatol Res J 5:2.. doi: 10.37532/cdrj.2020.5(2).138


A maculation could be a flat, distinct, stained space of skin but one cm wide. It doesn t involve any modification within the thickness or texture of the skin. Areas of discoloration that square measure larger than or up to one cm square measure said as patches. Certain conditions like skin disorder square measure characterized by white or lighter macules or patches on the skin. Macules square measure flat lesions that square measure but one cm in size. They re known by merely gazing them and touching them. If the lesion such as a dark spot on the skin isn t raised and it s but one cm in size, it s by definition a maculation.

Keywords: Maculation, Flat lesions , Dermatology


A maculation may be a range of colors supported the cause. as an example, macules may be moles which square measure hyper pigmented, or darker, relative to the skin or skin disorder lesions which square measure hypo pigmented or depigmented, or lighter, relative to the skin.

The term “rash” refers to a group of recent changes on the skin. Rashes will have macules, patches (flat spots a minimum of one cm in size), papules (raised skin lesions but one cm in size), plaques (raised skin lesions a minimum of one cm in size), and more, counting on the sort of rash.

“Macule” is simply a word that doctors use to explain what they see on the skin. If you've got a skin lesion (or many) that's flat and fewer than one cm in size, and need to search out out what’s inflicting it, contemplate seeing a medical specialist.


Macules may be caused by varied conditions that have an effect on the looks of your skin, leading to areas of discoloration. Conditions that square measure probably to cause macules are:

• Vitiligo

• Moles

• Freckles

• Sun spots, age spots, and liver spots

 post-inflammatory physiological condition (such as that that happens when skin problem lesions heal)

Once your doctor diagnoses the explanation for your macules, they could be able to visit treatment for your condition. There square measure many alternative causes of macules, thus treatments vary wide. Your macules might not depart, however treating the condition that’s inflicting them might facilitate forestall any growth of the macules you've got. it's going to additionally forestall the formation of recent macules.


Macules caused by skin disorder square measure usually troublesome to treat. Treatment choices for macules caused by skin disorder include:

• Light medical care

• Topical steroids

• Surgery

Some may opt for no medical treatment, choosing cover-ups like makeup.

In gentle cases, employing a special makeup to hide areas of skin disorder may be useful. you'll purchase this makeup at specialty drugstores and shops.

If enough skin is concerned, some folks contemplate depigmenting the encircling skin to make a consistent coloration. Ultimately, the choice is up to the individual. Some folks opt to embrace their skin disorder.

A maculation is simply a physical communication finding. If you’re involved regarding your skin, talk over with a medical specialist to induce Associate in Nursing correct identification.

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