5 cases which were dramatically improved body issues by

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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5 cases which were dramatically improved body issues by Fujii’s method by means of Bi-digital O-ring test

Naoki Nakagaki

Nakagaki Dental Clinic, Japan

: Dent Health Curr Res


Since a medical department and dentistry are educated separately, dentistry becomes the blind spot of the modern medicine. Therefore, there are many patients who continue receiving the symptomatic treatment that only reduce their hard symptoms by holding unidentified causes in check though they consult a medical department. By approach from dentistry with Fujii’s Bi-digital O-ring test method, here are the 5 case reports that the symptom of the whole body improved instantly. Case 1: The pain of the scruff and the sense of incongruity of the hip joint has instantly reduced by sharpening just a little (a 1-100th millimeter of=10 microns), though this patient has never been cured by any treatments such as massage, manual therapeutics and chiropractic. Case 2: Patient came to raise her hand (arm) at the moment when a wisdom tooth is extracted. Case 3: By improving a denture form, the stiffness of the right shoulder, the numbness and a pain of the right hand, the tension of the right scruff improved instantly. Case 4: By improving a denture form, the patient became easy to walk. The stiffness of the incurable right shoulder blade was cured by the amalgam removal. The high blood pressure is improved, too. Case 5: Right after putting on the new denture, the patient became able to come up the stairs smoothly without having a handrail.


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