A new device for performing the agitation of irrigating

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A new device for performing the agitation of irrigating substances in endodontic

Samuel Nogueira Lima

Faculty of Technology of Alagoas, Brazil

: Dent Health Curr Res


The objectives of the chemical-mechanical preparation are shaping of the root canal as well as eliminating the vital or necrotic tissues, the microorganisms their products and the residues of the dentine resulting from the instrumentation. However, in most cases complete elimination is difficult to achieve in the anatomically complex areas of the root canal system which are often inaccessible to the action of histological instruments, re-entrances, and flattening for consumers to harbor microorganisms and resulting dentin debris of instrumentation. These areas are difficult to access, making cleaning difficult, and when this is not achieved, can lead to failure of endodontic treatment. Therefore, irrigation plays a decisive role in cleaning the main canal and areas difficult to reach our instruments. For this, two factors are important: irrigants penetration in all extensions of the root canal and the ability to penetrate areas that are inaccessible to endodontic instruments. The most widely used method for irrigation is the conventional type with the use of an irrigation cannula with a leading end or attached to a syringe. However, this method is extremely limited to clean an apical portion and areas that instruments are unable to touch. Therefore, new surgical resources are used, and one of such devices is the endoactivator; this device has flexible polymer bridges with 3 different diameters (15/02, 04/04 and 04/04), with the aim of promoting a systolic irrigation inside the root canal to make cleaning more effective. Another feature for passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) for the agitation of irrigation solutions, which uses a coupling on the ultrasound and induces a formation of cavitation and acoustic waves, improving as irrigating properties and cleaning ability in anatomically complex areas. Easy clean is a new device for agitation of the irrigants solutions, it is an endodontic rotating instrument and its active part is shaped like an airplane wing. The size of this device is 25/04, and is recommended for use in reciprocating motion. The easy clean is easy to use, requiring no specific device and is very cheap. The purpose of the presentation is to show this new device, how it works and gives another alternative to an agitation of our irrigation solutions.


Samuel Nogueira Lima has completed his degree in Dentistry from the University of Fortaleza in 2000 and has been an Endodontic Specialist since 2002 by the Brazilian Association of Dentistry, where he has earned the title of outstanding student of his specialization course. He has been a Specialist in Orthodontics since 2011 at the Vale do Acarau University. He has completed his Post-graduation in Dental Prosthesis in 2008 at Dental School of the Cearense, Academy of Dentistry. He was a Brazilian Air Force Endodontist from 2006 to 2012, is an Endodontist of the Brazilian System of Health. He has a Master’s degree in Endodontics from the School of Dentistry and Medicine São Leopoldo Mandic. He is a Professor at the Faculty of Technology of Alagoas, is a Post-Doctoral Professor in Endodontics and is a founding partner of Endodontics 100% Online and has been working as an Endodontist in his private practice for 16 years.

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