All on Four, immediate loading

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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All on Four, immediate loading

Hasan Alkumru

University of Toronto, Canada

: Dent Health Curr Res


Number of completely edentulous patients is increasing due to increased life expectancy, considerably high number of adult and elderly patients still need dental treatment for their edentulism. Some of those patients cannot tolerate removable complete dental prosthesis and may require more sophisticated techniques Almost all patients have information about implant supported dental prosthesis to some extent and they prefer to have this kind of dental treatment because of increased retention and stability of artificial teeth. Unfortunately because of financial restrictions a high number of edentulous patients have to postpone implant supported prosthesis option. Osseo integration becomes an excellent treatment modality for completely edentulous patients. The better understanding of osseointegration has led to the one-stage surgeries and to minimize the period between the implant surgery and the prosthesis placement. The maxilla requires more implants than the mandible for a fixed prosthesis although four implants are suggested for either dental arch. In this presentation; the protocol for immediate loading and all on four treatment modality and long term outcome of immediately loaded all on four type dentures will be discussed.


Dr. Hasan Alkumru graduated from Ankara University, Turkey. He worked is currently working as professor at University of Toronto.

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