Assessment of vitamin D knowledge of Lebanese populatio

Journal of Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology.ISSN: 2325-9841

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Assessment of vitamin D knowledge of Lebanese population in Lebanon, Beirut area

Mohamad Hael Halawani and Rouhayfa Mahmassani

Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

: J Forensic Toxicol Pharmacol


Vitamin D includes a group of lipid-soluble compounds with a four-ringed cholesterol backbone existing in two major forms: vitamin D2, and vitamin D3. The deficiency of vitamin D is a worldwide epidemic, yet unfortunately remains largely unrecognized by the majority of citizens. The aim of our study, which is an observational, cross sectional, community-based survey conducted during the month of April 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon on 508 participants is to investigate participants’ level of knowledge about vitamin D and their level of awareness of its health benefits. Subjects are divided into three categories were asked to complete a Vitamin D knowledge survey that assessed knowledge on aspects such as Vitamin D sources, health benefits and recommended intake. Knowledge questions were calculated by giving 1 point if the answer is correct, and 0 if the answer is wrong. A statistical significant relationship was observed when comparing the percentage of perception and knowledge of source of vitamin D of students and graduated to workers (p=0.01, 0.00), and it was observed when comparing the faculty courses as a source of hearing about vitamin D between students and workers (p=0.00). As a result, this study suggests that vitamin D knowledge is significantly related to the level of education of participants. Since this study is the first one to date that, assess the vitamin D knowledge of Lebanese population, it may be used as a basis for the development of health promotion programs aimed at decreasing the rate of vitamin D deficiency.


Mohamad Hael Halawani is pursing BSc in pharmaceutical science at Beirut Arab University (BAU). He is a member in Lebanese pharmacy student association as he is actively participating in many events. He has worked at a community pharmacy for one year.


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